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10.11.2017- Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

There’s several ways I could go with tonight’s letter, from poking more holes in the official Vegas shooting story, to commenting about China and Russia’s continued moves to distance themselves from the US dollar.
I will go with the shooting for just a brief moment. More and more videos have emerged that prove without a doubt that there were shooters on the grounds, and yet the media continues to follow the official plot of one lone wolf gunman on the 32nd floor.  Now we’re hearing that the shooters home has been “broken into” and they’re going to have to go back to investigate.  Really?

10.8.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Shooting;  One Week Later
Well folks, it’s been a week + since the Vegas shooting, and the story gets stranger by the moment. If you read my letter last Sunday, then you know I don’t believe for a single second the “official” narrative that’s been set down. One lone gunman from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay bay hotel did NOT pull this off.
I’ve gotten a ton of email from people who have been doing their own sleuthing on this disaster and the more we see, the more we know that this situation was NOT what we’re being told.

10.4.2017 - The Vegas Shooting Bookmark

Today's free investing newsletter starts with a commentary about the Vegas shooting. While I do not know exactly what happened, I do know what didn't happen. Some 64 year old patsy didn't single -handedly injure 500 and kill 59 people. The video's disprove that theory, as does the sounds and even the direction the people were running. 


No, there's an agenda here and who's behind it is the question.  


Then of course we talk about the market's insatiable drive higher, a drive based on coordinated Central bank QE. How long will it go? What's the end game? What happens when it ends?  It's all good conversation. 

10.4.2017 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

The Shooting
First off, let me assure you that I do NOT know what happened in Vegas. But what I can tell you is what didn’t happen.  One guy in one room of the Mandalay Hotel, did not shoot down 60 people and injure 500 more.  Who did it and why is still a matter of speculation, but the official story simply doesn’t add up.

10.3.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all.

If you're wondering "what the hell was yesterday all about" you weren't alone.  Art Cashin has been a staple on the exchanges for a long long time. This is his quote on a quick interview by CNBC

10.2.2017 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to a new week and a new month. Let's see if they push the market ever higher through October, as they have in September. 

10.5.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Metals Update

No political talk today. I've had my fill of it for a while. So today we're going to take a walk down memory lane and discuss the metals, primarily gold and silver. I would like to start with a story, a real live story....

Going back quite a few months, we announced what we called a "Vegas play". Reminiscent of putting it all on red and spinning the wheel, this play was designed after a similar play we had unfold back in 2010/2011. The idea was that we'd use call options based on the most beaten up sector of the day...the silver miner stocks

5.23.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


As is always the case I like to welcome you back from your weekend by asking you all if it was a pleasant one for you. Down here in sunny Florida the heat has shown up right on schedule. Yes we're in that rut now where it will be 90+ every day, with humidity hovering around 80%. As you can imagine, it doesn't take much to break a sweat now, as something as mundane as watering your plants will indeed get you dripping. People ask me "Bob, I hear the heat and humidity in south Florida during summer is pretty brutal, is it really that bad?"  The reply... Yep.  It sure is.  I'm not about to kid anyone, it does get brutal. But it's all part of the deal, so we deal with it. On the flip side, the gulf is already 82 degrees, and floating around in the surf on a lazy Sunday afternoon is hard to beat.

5.20.2016 - It's Vegas Play Day! Bookmark

Today's the day we're going to release a new "Vegas Play".  What's a Vegas Play? Well it's sort of like going to Vegas and putting all your money on Red, only with a nice twist. We can't lose all our money if it goes against us.  The first play which we began in Late October is doing really well. With an initial investment of 19K, we're now up 145K.  Hey, maybe we just got lucky? Maybe even a blind squirrel found a nut? Maybe, but that wouldn't explain the fact that we did a "Vegas play" back in 2010 - 2011 and 30K turned into 1.2 Million.  While there's NO guarantee that today's play will mimic the one that's in play, we feel pretty good about it.  Sign up and see if you agree with this one.

5.18.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Wednesday.

Got your pop corn ready?  You should because it's going to be really interesting to see what they do next.

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