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12.28.2016 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Wednesday.  

Yesterday was a low volume session, where the indexes hovered around the unchanged line for most of the day. While they did manage to tack on 11 DOW points and 5 S&P's, it was a tough session to endure. We only beat Friday's volume by a few million shares, making it one of the lowest volume days of the year. 

12.1.2016 Bookmark


Wow. 12.1  already. I have to believe I'm not the only person that's wondering how on earth this year is over already.  It really is astounding to me.  

Okay, so yesterday afternoon....very late in the game, the air came out of the market. From being up about 35 DOW points and 4 S&P's at 3 PM, when the final bell rang, we were up just 2 DOW points and  DOWN 5 S&P's.

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