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5.29.2019 - Free Newsletter Bookmark

A bit ago, I was writing about how PJ Marx had his patent stolen by the US Government and ammunition contracts basically granted to someone else. That article spurred several questions, so I want to answer a few of them.
First off, I was asked if I knew about the story of Michael McKibben. Not only do I know of the story, I wrote a Sunday article about that situation. For those of you who think that some “just about average” college kid named Zuckerberg created the code for Facebook in “two weeks or so” you are greatly misguided.

4.11.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone, we've made it to Wednesday. 

Before we get into today, let's quick review yesterday. After the big sell down on Monday, which saw the DOW go from up 440 to and the day up just 46, they got the news they wanted yesterday to make up for it all. 
Or did they? Actually no. In real terms, China's President Xi didn't really cave in. Even when referencing car imports, if you read further down the statement, he said he'd reduce tariffs on nations sending in cars that WASN'T putting tarrif's on China!

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