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12.5.2018 - Is this The End?? Bookmark

So Tuesday the market fell for 800 DOW points, all on the heels of almost 50 billion worth of notional stock that was dumped by the "CTA's" running funds. Why the big sell off? Well, the world is a risky place now and with rates rising, yield curves inverting, and stocks seeming to run out of steam, they "lightened up". 

So is that it? Short at will? Or do they have one more trick up their sleeve?  We discuss that in the free newsletter tonight. Investing is going to be a lot more tricky that it has been for years, so it is seriously time to pay attention. Give the letter a read, it's worth your time. 

12.5.2018 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

The End


On Tuesday, just around noon time, the market fell like the proverbial rock. While it was slightly down from the open, hovering around – 200 points, when the S&P neared the 2760 area, all hell broke loose. How much hell? About 32 billion dollars worth of stock hit the market. All to the sell side. By 2 pm, we had the DOW down 740 points. The S&P down 80.

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