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10.3.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all...

Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy. Remember last week as we approached the Fed meeting and while discussing what we might do, I said it probably  makes sense to stick with the index ETF's such as the SPY and DIA's. That way we wouldn't have to be genius and select the exact correct stocks that might participate if they pushed the market higher. 

1.16.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning everyone, and welcome back from your extended weekend. ( If you had an extended weekend that is, for many it was simply another work day)

Insiders Club - 3.11.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all...

Four years ago today the world watched as a tsunami breached the Japanese islands and destroyed the nuclear plant in Fukushima. To this day, it has been a disaster of epic proportions as radiation is indeed still a massive issue. After living through "Super Storm Sandy" I'm quite aware of just how nasty mother nature can be when she's ticked off.

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