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If you are still reading this, you must be very interested in what we are saying, and that is wonderful! Please continue. We feel the following information will give you a great “beginning” knowledge base from which to start your investing journey. If you already have some level of market knowledge, please read this anyway. We suspect you will find some helpful tidbit’s. In either case, we feel you owe it to yourself to get a subscription to our newsletters. We are confident that after reading our publications you will have a much deeper understanding of the way things “really” work and will be able to make much more informed decisions. As time goes on, personal investing will NOT get easier. The market is not there to make you wealthy, my friends; it is there to take your money if it gets the chance. Used properly, the market WILL make you tremendously wealthy. Used unwisely, it will take your last red cent. We will be there to make sure that disaster doesn’t happen to you, and guide you to the profit’s that await the knowledgeable.

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