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The 64 Million Dollar Answer
Naturally, the next question is: “Okay, what is this magic secret to making money instead of losing my shirt?” Well, unfortunately, if you are looking for a magic formula, or some deeply guarded “secret” you have come to the wrong place. The answer to the question is this. If you understand what is happening on a global basis, and then judge how news events affect the stock market, you can therefore get a “hunch” as to where the next opportunity will appear. It is a bit like detective work. Then there are a number of strategies, or investing practices that in general work more times than not. If you couple those strategies with good information, once you have a good working knowledge of the market you can put those tactics in motion and start making money. In this business, knowledge is king, but you must have “focused” knowledge. In other words, reading a book about the stock market is an okay idea if you want to know how the market works. Reading an article about “technical indicators” is fine also. But suffice it to say that neither one of them will tell you what stock to buy today that will gain in price so you can sell it for a profit next week or next month! For that you need to learn. You will need to read our letters carefully and try and truly understand the implications of what we are talking about. Will we tell you when to buy a particular stock? Absolutely. But doesn’t it make sense that you should understand why you are buying it? That is the key to truly successful investing!

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