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Read how we took the worst investor in the world, and taught him to put $12,000 dollars in his account in a month.

Is this person you? You know enough to be dangerous, because each time you try and invest you seem to lose money? Well as the old saying goes, education might seem expensive, but just try doing this without it. Youll soon learn what expensive is.

Meet Michael. Mike was anxious to start trading his own account. For years his broker had done a lot of nothing for him, and he was frustrated. So, he opened his account, and promptly started doing everything wrong you could possibly do. Inside of just a month, he was frustrated, upset, and thinking about going back to another broker.

We felt sorry for Mike, really. So, we took him under our wing and taught him some basics. He stopped losing money. Then we showed him how most of the things he had learned about the market were wrong, and as he started to understand the way things really work, he started making money. Now 18 months later, its nothing for him to put 12 thousand dollars a month in his account. Ive seen him do it.

We know there are an awful lot of Mikes out there. People that desperately want to control their own financial future, but dont know where to start. It all seems so overwhelming.

If you want to learn how to get involved in the stock market, whether its trading individual stocks, or moving your 401K money around, or investing in precious metals, I believe we have the solution to your quest.

We have developed an investing course. It starts with the very basics, like what is a stock, and where did the exchanges come from, and goes all the way through to end with a 13 part tutorial on trading basic options.

Youll learn tips and techniques that we have amassed over the last 17 years of doing this. I truly believe, that if you take this course and go through it from start to finish, you will know more than your broker about the market. More than your financial planner.


Are you concerned that its simply too hard, or too much to learn? Dont be. Although you can continue your education into the most exotic and esoteric areas of investing, the fact is, YOU DONT NEED IT.

We make hundreds of thousands of dollars with just the mere basics of investing. So, what we did was put together a very very complete course, but we didnt get into the way out there stuff. Our goal was to create something that would let the Average man or woman, open an account, and make money in the markets. No crazy stuff, just time proven methods that work.

Its not about daytrading although we talk about it. Its about short term and longer term investing. Buying XYZ at 50 and selling it at 55. But how did we know when to buy XYZ? Ahh, see theres the question. We give you the answer. Its about buying silver at 4 dollars an ounce and seeing it go to 30. How did we know? Youll learn.

In fact, if we do our job right, you wont need us any more. I know that sounds silly, but its true. If we teach you right, you can go on and do this for yourself, and never have to worry about the bills again. Learn how to set up a nice long term portfolio, and beat Wall Street.

On January 19, 2011 I received the following letter out of the clear blue. It wasnt solicited, I hadnt heard from Scott in many months. I think he sums up how good this could be for you better than I could.


I know when you write to 1,000′s of people, you must get more than your fair share of criticism.

I wrote you awhile back to thank you for your tutoring. I told you then how I first subscribed back in late 1999 and took your weekly educational emails to heart (especially the one that recommended I actually learn to trade on my own just in case you were ever to not be there guiding). I told you back then how I stopped my subscription after 3 years to “try it alone” using techniques I learned from you — made 35% – 65% per year returns over the next 5 years and started believing I could cheat the system and retire early to make my living doing this.

2008 markets brought surprises I had never seen before so I looked you back up and was so thankful that you were still sharing your wisdom with all of us “wannabes” who you had never even met. I continue to learn (and unashamedly profit) off your insider-club tutoring!

I started out all those years ago with a ridiculously small amount of capital — I am still not a millionaire but that mystical light at the end of the tunnel is now fully within view.

The number of “business owners” I have met in my lifetime with your level of ethics and goodwill could be counted on one hand so to counter all the critics: I say again – THANK YOU! 



Thanks Scott, and thanks to all the thousands that have put their trust in us!

Do yourself a favor and become an educated investor!

Select one of our membership options and Learn how to successfully invest in the markets, without all the hype..without all the Wall Street baloney. You deserve it, your family deserves it. Now its time to do it.

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