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If you are an existing Member of the Insiders club, either monthly, yearly or lifetime, you can get the entire year of the long term letter for just 99.95. Click the buy now link, and it will take you first to a log in page. 

If you have forgotten your password, simply shoot me an email at editor@investyourself.com and I'll send it to you. It would help if you put the word  "password" for the subject. 

I strongly believe that this long term letter will be a very good enhancement for the Insiders, because you will be able to "blend" the two and come up with investing ideas I haven't even thought of. It's going to be great!


Long Term Investor (Non insiders)

InvestYourself -  Long Term Holds letter

The long Term Holds letter is designed for the more casual investor that wants above average returns, but cannot "trade" the market on a daily or weekly basis. The goal for the LTH letter is to focus on dividend stocks,  selling covered calls, getting in new opportunities early ( like we did with the marijuana stocks for example)  and building a "rounded" portfolio that stresses SAFETY first. While NO investment is truly risk free, it is our goal to shoot for oversized returns, with maximum safety.  This Email product will come to you two to four times a month, with special alerts sent in between issues, if there are any important developments that you need to know about.

Long Term Investor & Insider's Club Combo

InvestYourself - Combo Platter

The Combo deal does it all.You will get everything the Insider's club offers AND the Long Term holds Newsletters. This is virtually everything we produce, for one discounted price.

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